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The Hard Truth about Galvanized Piping | Orbit Plumbing

Galvanized piping has been used since the 17th Century and our Plumber Mornington Peninsula way will tell you every time that it was one of the worst innovation that came to be. What they did not know when they first decided to start installing this piping is that it would rust like crazy when mixed with water of any kind. Again the next bad decision that was made was to start using this pipe as a way to move water from one place to another.

Orbit’s Frankston Plumber explains that some years after this piping was used as water piping it started to rust from the inside out. This made things difficult for home owners who had to keep replacing their water supply lines. Still today our Somerville Plumbers see this pipe installed at so many homes around the Mornington Peninsula and the Frankston Plumbing region.

A good indicator that this piping is installed at your home is that:

  1. You will see it running down into the ground from the water meter towards your home.
  2. Your water may be discolored.
  3. Your pipes can produce very low pressures.
  4. There can be blockages of rust preventing any water getting through to your fixtures.

If you have Gal piping at your place, it’s a great idea to get it replaced before it causes you more hassles and damages your other water fixtures. Call Orbit Plumbing today to have a chat about your options and the new plumbing products we can use to replace the old gal piping at your home.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula rusted out Gal pipe

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