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The heat is on!…..but what could it cost me? | Orbit Plumbing

Our Mornington Plumbers explain that there are many, many options when it comes to heating.

Electric, gas, wood, ethanol – which one should you choose? Orbit Plumbing, Somerville Plumber can help to select the right heating unit for your home.

The decisions can come down to many different factors, but at the end of the day it comes down to understanding exactly what are you going to use it for, and in which environment.


There are many environmental factors that our Plumber Frankston way urges you to consider, even after considering the size of the room.  Are there small animals or children around which may be burnt by an open flame, or knock over a small portable heater?

Heating costs

Cost of the unit compared to the ongoing running costs of that unit.

A rough rule of thumb is, the less upfront cost for the heating unit, the more the operating costs – also don’t forget to check the star ratings!


Different from location – this is where your actual home is that you wish to heat.  For particularly isolated areas , you may be limited on your options – for example – no gas available! (Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers nightmares)

Check Orbit Plumbing Products Online before you make a purchase.

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