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The hot water unit you need to buy | Orbit Plumbing

So there is a new hot water unit on the market that stands out among the rest. The Bosch Optiflow 26L Professional. This hot water unit boasts a 6 star energy rating and can save you a fortune on your gas bills.

This Instantaneous not only allows our Mornington plumbers to install a sleek industrial looking appliance on your home but it means we can offer you a solution for rising costs of living.

When our Plumber Frankston or Mornington Peninsula Plumber install one of these fantastic hot water units if you are upgrading from a storage unit you may require an upgrade with your gas line. This does not mean that you will be using more gas. The line may require an upgrade for safety reasons and to meet Australian Plumbing Standards.

This unit will only use the required gas it needs to heat the flow of water running through it and it will only use gas when there is a hot tap open which means terrific efficiency.


Plumber Mornington Peninsula Installed Bosch Optiflow Professional

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