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The importance of Water | Orbit Plumbing

The Earth surface contains around 71% of water and 29% of land. That is a hell of a lot of water! Interestingly only 2.5% of this water is classified as fresh water. Out of this 2.5% of fresh water we capture a tiny percentage of that and filter it, making it into potable drinking water for 7.3 Billion humans. Thus the reason, water is our most precious resource on the planet. Not all humans get to drink clean filtered drinking water and a lot of people around the world are dying of thirst and hunger.

The Mornington Peninsula plumbers and Plumber Frankston at Orbit Plumbing are big believers in saving as much water as possible as they know that out of this 2.5% of fresh water, not only do people need to feed their thirst but they also need to feed their food crops, use it in the manufacturing of plumbing products and the products consumers buy on a daily basis around the world.

You can do you part by reducing the amount of potable water you take out of the mains water supply. This can be achieved by having a Mornington Plumber install a rain water tank at your property. This rain water tank can be used to feed your toilets and washing machine and even an outside garden tap.

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