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The importance of water proofing around your shower spindles | Orbit Plumbing

A lot of people do Home DIY Plumber Frankston Renovations now days. A lot of the time people also like to change their own taps. not realizing or understanding the importance of doing it properly.

There a lot of different styles of taps but in this instance we are talking about wall top assemblies. That is the type of tap ware that is used in shower’s unless you have a mixer plumbing products setup. Orbit Plumbing Mornington always recommends using a licensed Mornington Peninsula Plumber rather than attempting to do plumbing fixes on your own.

Our Somerville Plumber arrive at a lot of homes were the client has attempted to do the job but has actually made the job more difficult for us as they have a cut a pipe too short or something along those lines. We seem to have the biggest problems with people attempting to install their own toilets.

Anyway when dismantling your shower tap ware you will notice that there should be some silicone around the spindle. Most of the time when you unscrew the spindle the silicone becomes disconnected to the spindle. In this case you are best off removing all of the old silicone with either a Stanley knife of some pliers so you can get a nice clean amount in between to really ensure that there are no gaps.

Obviously when you have a shower, water runs down the walls, and the last thing you want is for water to get in behind the tap cover plates and into the wall space. This can cause damage to plaster, carpets, etc. so it is very important.  You will want to use wet area silicone which is a special silicone which a mold resistant.

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