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The old Pan Collar leak causing havoc | Orbit Plumbing

A toilet can leak from multiple locations but normally the worst location it can leak from is the pan collar. Our Plumber Frankston bound will tell you that if you have a leak in your pan collar, the majority of the time it means you will need to remove your entire toilet and re-install it again just to replace these plumbing products.

Orbit’s Mornington peninsula Plumber reminds us that the pan collar is a fitting that connects your toilets waste pipe to the PVC sewer piping at your home. It normally glues into the PVC pipe and then uses a rubber flange to join the hard porcelain style outlet to the plastic piping. This flange not only keeps the sewer waste heading the right direction but it also acts as a way to keep the bad smell of your sewer inside the sewer piping rather than floating around in your homes living space.

A lot of older toilets pan’s can not be taken out due to the fact that they are either cemented into the ground or have badly seized screws that can not come out. When this is the case your pan will almost certainly break when we attempt to remove it. Our Somerville Plumber will normally recommend a new toilet if this is the case rather than wasting any time trying to recover something that is unlikely to be recoverable.

Plumber Somerville New Pan collar installed

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