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The Outlet Valve Seating Washer

These outlet valve seating washers are a nuisance to thousands of homes on the Mornington Peninsula Plumbers area. There must be literally thousands of toilets that need this washer replaced. What it actually is, is a small rubber seal that sits inside your cisterns right at the bottom of the flush valve. This rubber seating washer creates the seal that determines whether or not to hold the water inside your cistern or let it out. So when the button is pressed, the seating washer lifts of the bottom of the cistern and allows the water to escape out of the hole in the bottom of the cistern that connects to the pan.

If you look at the first image on the computer you will see a worn out seating washer. You can tell by looking at this that if it was used to seal a hole and try to keep a couple of litres of water in a cistern that it would not do to much good. The best thing to do in this situation is to just give Orbit Plumbing Frankston a call and we can talk you through your options. There are many other reasons why your toilet may be leaking although this is generally the most common cause.

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