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The Over Flow Relief Gully | Orbit Plumbing

Have you ever noticed a pipe opening sticking up on the side of your house with a grate on top and wondered why it is there and what the purpose of it is? Our Plumber Frankston located explains that this is called an Over flow relief gully. According to our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers this over flow relief gully is actually very under acknowledged as a lot of people end up covering over this pipe with their gardens.

The over flow relief gully is a very important component of your sewer system and you should always make sure that it is not disturbed as it plays a vital role in the operation of your homes sewer system.

Our Mornington Plumbers say that under this cap the pipe goes directly down to a water filled P style trap. This trap is filled with water on purpose to keep the smell of the sewer from escaping. The pipe after the trap is then connected to the most down stream and lowest point of the sewer. The reason that this over flow relief gully exists in the first place has a lot to do with the name it is called.

If the sewer system blocks up and begins to back up rather than the sewer coming up through the shower floor for example, it will find it’s way up through the over flow relief gully outside. This safe guards your home from becoming a sewer pool. So please keep this in mind if you plan on covering up the ORG at your house or if you have it covered already it may be a good idea to have it exposed and working correctly. An ORG should be primed with a fixture so if you put water into the top the water should escape into the sewer with no problems.

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