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The Property Market is Going Up Up Up, Renovate your home to sell High | Orbit Plumbing

Firstly let me say I am a Somerville Plumber, not a real estate agent. My advice in this post is just from my experience and what i have witnessed myself so please take this information how you choose but keep in mind i’m no expert at real estate.

Lately the real estate market has been sky rocketing and more and more people are looking for a house to buy every day. The new home buyers grant will come in at 1st of July which will mean first home buyers will not pay any stamp duty at all. We believe that after the 1st of July would be a great time to sell your property.

A lot of first home buyers and all other buyers want to move into a modern looking house that does not require them to stretch their budget after the purchase of their new home to make the home look more presentable. There are a lot of little things our Frankston South Plumber can do to your house before selling to bring up the value at a minimum expense to yourself. Of course you could spend huge dollars as well and make your home immaculate before selling to try your best at a massive profit although you should keep in mind the sky limit pricing for your area.

Our Plumber Frankston explains what you can do in a bathroom to bring in that fresh look. Change your old oval shaped basins for a more modern square shape basins and change the taps over to mixers. You can also change that dirty old 3 slider shower door for a semi frame less screen. It would also be a great idea to swap old plastic tap ware for new chrome taps. This is a great way to make your bathroom look modern and attractive to home buyers.

The Laundry is our Mornington Plumbers domain and he says that you should swap those old manky taps for a new mixer in the sink or trough and change over your washing machine stops for new modern chrome ceramic disc washing Machine stops.

Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers work in kitchens all the time as you can imagine they have a lot of plumbing products contained within them. A great way to bring it to life is to again swap your tap ware over for a new mixer. Evaluate the quality of your stove top or upright cooker. If it is old and disgusting then this could turn potential buyers away. Usually the Range hood is also an ancient looking device and swapping over these cooking appliances for new modern stainless steel appliances can make a huge difference. We recommend you make sure your dishwasher if you have one does not bring the quality of the space down and if so you should consider a replacement.


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