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If you were in a hot water emergency obviously the first thing you would do is call your local plumber Somerville for advice and assistance but would you even know what type of hot water unit you have? Or would you know how old the unit is? More often than not these are some of the most important questions our Mornington Pensinsula plumbers will ask on the first phone conversation to best determine your situation. When you have a spare minute go and have a look at your hot water unit so you can readily give information about your current plumbing products if anything unfortunate was to occur. Our Frankston plumbers are a wealth of knowledge in all things hot water related. If your situation calls for a replacement unit, a Mornington plumbing expert will explain which of the many hot water units on the market best suit your needs.

The Rinnai Hotflo electric storage hot water service comes in 3 main sizes: the small capacity electric storage unit which is great for under bench applications. The medium capacity electric unit which ranges from 80 litres, 125 litres and 160 litres which is great to meet the demands of a small domestic home and the large capacity electric storage units come in 250 litres, 315 litres and 400 litres which are all available in single and twin element configurations, these large units are perfect for very large homes and business settings. All of the Rinnai Hotflo units boast a 7 year cylinder warranty.

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