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The Rinnai Infinity Instantaneous Hot Water Service | Orbit Plumbing

Hot water units have come along way since they were first invented many years ago. Our Somerville plumber regularly installs and trusts the Rinnai Infinity 26 litre instantaneous hot water service. It is one of Australia’s most commonly installed units. It also has a fantastic reputation with the Mornington Peninsula plumbing industry as Rinnai is a well respected brand that has been heating Australian households water for generations.

This unit in particular is a great hot water unit for a household of 2 to 3 people and in this situation can be more efficient than running a gas storage hot water service. These units have an electric ignition and boast a precise temperature control with Japanese design and manufacturing. They are capable of low flow situations down to 6 litres per minute and carry a 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger.

These units are of small size with only 530mm height, 350mm width and 194mm in depth which means that it can be installed on a wall on the side of your home and take up a minimal amount of space. All you require is a gas line with 199 megajoules of gas at the unit and a water line with a minimum pressure of 180 kpa and this unit can be installed at your home.

Feel free to call a plumber, Frankston needs them on a daily basis to install new hot water services and we are here to help.

Plumber Mornington Rinnai Infinity 26L

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