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The Rinnai Spectrum Space Heater | Orbit Plumbing

The Rinnai Spectrum Space heater is one of the most commonly sold space heaters that our Plumber Frankston way installs. Rinnai is a very trusted and respected brand that Australians have been using to heat there homes for as long as we can remember at Orbit Plumbing Mornington.

This space heater is a very efficient way of heating small homes as it only uses 28 mega joules per hour when running at full speed. This is a much cheaper alternative than the conventional ducted heater that may run on 85 mega joules per hour, 150 mega joules per hour or more.

These space heater can run on natural gas or LPG which gives almost everyone the option to own one and they also have an electric ignition which means that it lights the first time every time as long as the gas is getting to the unit.

Our Mornington Peninsula plumbers explain that these heaters have a 2 speed fan function and come in a beige or brown color. These heaters are great to heat a small home, unit or very large room.

Plumber Somerville Rinnai Spectrum

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