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The Septic Sub Surface Irrigation system explained | Orbit Plumbing

The sub surface irrigation system is an effluent dispersion method used by many plumbers Mornington Peninsula wide. This system will normally run from a secondary treatment plant as the secondary treated effluent is a much cleaner type of water that will be able to escape the small sizes of the irrigation piping without risking blockages.

Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Mornington explains that directly after the secondary treatment plant will be followed by a sump pump which will take the effluent out of the treatment plant and pump it to your designated dispersion area. Most commonly this dispersion area is a 400m2 area containing 400m of irrigation piping running horizontal to the fall of the land.

These pipes and plumbing products are normally a high pressure irrigation piping that is only buried 150mm – 200mm below the surface of the ground. The effluent is then pumped through the drip irrigation lines and fertilizers and feeds the soil and grass in the area where the sub surface system is installed.

It is usually a good idea to keep this system away from trees or shrubbery that will have large root systems as the roots can find there way to the piping and strangle it so it can be rendered useless. Our Somerville Plumbers agree that one of the best things about this systems is that repairs are easy to do.

Plumber Mornington Sub surface irrigation system

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