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The Vulcan Freeloader 135L | Orbit Plumbing

The Vulcan Freeloader 135 Liter is one of the most commonly sold hot water units in Australia today and caters for smaller sized homes or units that normally have 2 – 3 people living in the home. Our Plumber Frankston bound explains that these units are are a cheaper alternative to some of the other hot water unit applications but this comes with a shorter warranty period as the Vulcan 135 only carries a 5 year cylinder warranty.

Vulcan Hot water systems are made in Australia by Rheem and carry a 4 star efficiency rating. They come as either a natural gas unit or an LPG unit that is versatile and can be installed in many situations. These units also come in a 170 Liter model to suit your larger hot water demands.

The high strength steel storage cylinder is made to handle and withstand high pressure water and heating cycle pressures. These units and their Plumbing products parts are readily available all around the Mornington Plumbing area at most plumbing supply stores.

Orbit Plumbing’s Somerville Plumber can discuss your best hot water direction and get you warm in the shower quickly.

Plumber Mornington Vulcan Freeloader 135L Installed

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