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Those flexible hoses that are just so darn unstable | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula Plumber often arrives at jobs to find the home flooded after the customer has been away from home for a period of time or even wakes up in the morning to find the carpet is saturated. This is not good for home owners as you could imagine if this happens it causes huge amount of damage needing the carpets to be replaced and sometimes even further the plaster, skirting boards, tiles, cabinets and anything else in the way of the water.

Our Plumber Frankston way notices that one of the main causes for a flooded home is that a flexible hose has burst. Looking at the photo below you can see that the stainless steel outer sheathing has sprung apart after the rubber hose has popped out. This can be caused due to inconsistencies in the rubber the manufacturer has used for their plumbing products.

A great way to prevent this tragedy happening at your home is to call our Somerville Plumber and arrange to have your flexible hoses replaced every 5 years or what the tag on the hose recommends.

Plumber Frankston Burst flexible hoses

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