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Upright Cooker Installations

Upright cooker installations should always be installed by a licensed Plumber Frankston and gas fitter as they can cause serious harm to young children or anyone else who comes in contact with them. New regulations have come into place in Victoria recently to protect the flexible hose connections from deteriorating to quickly. The new regulations say that the flexible hose should be facing in a downwards position and the hose should not have a bend in it under 150mm wide. This is an important regulation as it keeps the flexible hose from being strained and potentially fraying or rusting out sooner that it should.

If you think about it, Upright cooker’s are used to heat food. This means they can become extremely hot and precautions need to be in place to prevent little ones from grabbing hold of the oven handle and pulling them over onto them selves. As much as we all would like to perfect parents, it is difficult to keep an eye on our little ones at every waking minute of the day. Luckily part of the Victorian Plumbing regulations keep this prevented by making sure plumbers are installing upright cooker’s with the correct type of restraints. Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers will always ensure they the upright cookers we install are safe and your loved ones can not be harmed by them.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula Correct way to Install upright cooker flexible hose

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