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UV Protection for Gas Piping | Orbit Plumbing

There are so many different brands and types of gas piping. Unfortunately for our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers this means constantly finding new ways to connect to different piping types. It seems silly but plumbers use what brand they choose rather than a universal piping systems that a Plumber Frankston bound could just use the one tool for.

Being Maintenance Somerville Plumbers we come across everything and are forced to find a solution to connect. This means using many different types of tools or sometimes the quickest way to fix a solution is go back in the line until we find a threaded fitting that we can disconnect the other type of plumbing products pipe from and connect our own piping that we carry.

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Plumber explains that gas piping comes in not just many different brands but also many different types of material types such as Copper, Steel, Polyamide, Polyethylene, PVC & more. A lot of these types of materials have different properties restrictions. One of the more important ones being that the piping can handle direct sunlight. This Polyethelyne pipe in the photo was installed by another plumbing company and was noticed by our Balnarring Plumber who was working on a different project on the property.

Our Frankston South Plumber explains to us that this Polyethylene piping can not be installed in a position where it could be exposed to the direct sunlight as the pipe is not designed to handle the conditions the sun exposes to it. The pipe eventually weakens and becomes unstable and fragile increasing the risk of a leak in the gas line.

We carry UV protective Duct Tape in our van so we tapped up the exposed pipe to protect it temporarily from the sunlight and informed the customer that they needed to get in touch with the plumber who installed it to correct this mistake.


Plumber Mornington Protected Gas Pipe After Plumber Mornington Unprotected Gas Pipe Before

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