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Water Pressure Limiters in tap ware | Orbit Plumbing

The cost of our utilities are continually going up up up. In these difficult financial times, families will often seek ways to cut household costs and our Frankston plumber is here to help with a great cost effective way to cut down on your water usage.

Before water restrictions became an issue, plumbing products that produce water did not have much of a limit to the pressure and amount of water released when the taps is turned on. Mornington Peninsula plumbing contractors had an influx of work during this time installing water pressure limiters for their customers. Our Somerville plumber explains that a water pressure limiter is a special plumbing part that is installed within the shower head or tap outlet to restrict the amount of water able to flow through.

If you think your home could benefit from saving water and in turn helping both the environment and your budget, why not give Orbit Plumber Mornington a call for a professional quality service.

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