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Water Temperatures Around your Home | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing Somerville take water temperatures very seriously. Most people don’t realize how quickly you can be in serious harm by using your plumbing products at temperatures that are to hot for your skin to handle. The Victorian Building Authority have very strict guidelines for hot water, how it is stored and delivered.

When you start to become older in age your senses start to become less sensitive including your sense of touch. A lot of elderly people can not feel hotter temperatures like younger people can. Also Kids being kids can unintentionally put themselves into a position where they may get burned by hot water. These are the reasons that hot water is such an important factor to keep in mind especially for when Mornington Plumbers are installing hot water services.

Our trustee Plumber Frankston explains that even at 49 degrees Celsius you will receive a major burn after 5 minutes. If your Hot water is delivered at 68 degrees Celsius you will receive major burns within 1 second. This is why it is so very important that all of our Mornington Penionsula Plumbers treat hot water with the utmost respect.

Our Frankston South Plumber tells us that most hot water cylinders actually hold their water at around 70 degrees Celsius inside the cylinder and it is up to our Mount Eliza Plumber and Mount Martha Plumbers just like all other plumbers to ensure that the water is not delivered through to the outlet of the plumbing products at that temperature.

There are multiple methods of delivering hot water depending on the hot water system you have in place although there are some general rules when it comes to hot water that our Pearcedale Plumber must abide by. These are that the water temperature at any outlets must not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. For early childhood centers, schools, nursing homes or similar situations like the home of very elderly people the temperature limit requirement is 45 degrees Celsius.

If you have a storage hot water unit, the hot water is normally stored at 70 degrees Celsius. The Victorian Building authorities regulations are that it must be stored at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius to kill legionella bacteria. The manufacturers just take it up a notch just to be safe.


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