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Water Temperatures for plumbing fixtures further explained

The Australian Standards for Hot water are very strict and must be adhered to by our Plumber Frankston based and Mornington Peninsula Plumbers wide. Stored Hot water must be stored above 60 degrees Celsius and this is to avoid the likelihood of the growth of legionella bacteria.

When your hot water is delivered by an instantaneous hot water system, this storage temperature does not apply as the instant hot water unit’s do not actually store any hot water, they just instantly deliver it. This means they use a lot higher amount of gas in a quick burst rather than using a lower mega joule rating over longer period of times.

The delivery temperature of water refers to the temperature that the water exits out of the spout or outlet of your plumbing products and these regulations also needs to be strictly followed to prevent anyone from getting burned.

In Victoria the Victorian Building Authority require plumbers to set the temperature to 45 degrees Celsius at the outlet of sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for the aged, the sick, children or people with disabilities in healthcare and aged care. The outlet temperature for sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for all other situations is 50 degrees Celsius.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula 50 degrees water temperature

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