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Orbit Plumbing have a wide range of services that we offer and we know the importance of carrying as much stock as possible to cover these services. Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers do there very best to reduce the amount of time spent travelling to and fro the Plumbing Products supply shop. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time and we don’t want to waste our own time as well.

Obviously it would be impossible to fit everything we needed into one van although our vans are packed with all of the most common items and spare parts that we come across on a day to day basis. This mixed with our expert knowledge of plumbing maintenance means we can get the job done in the fastest way possible. We have implemented a automated inventory software that allows us to know the exact amount of stock in each van at a time and ensure we never get below a specified level of those items.

Our friendly Plumber Frankston can come out and rectify your plumbing issues at a moments notice and make sure that your job is performed in the most efficient manner possible. This is also why we decided to charge in 30 minute blocks rather than the common 1 hour blocks that other plumbers subject their clients to. We want to get your job done as quick as possible while keeping the highest quality and get to the next job so all the jobs that take 30 minutes or less will only be charged for the first 30 minutes rather than the first hour.

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