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Plumbing Products and pipes a like can come in many different brands, materials and forms. To be honest, it’s really starting to get a bit silly with all of the different brands bringing out slightly different size pipes and fittings so that plumbers Frankston located stick to one brand rather than using multiple types.

Luckily our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers being the maintenance plumbers we are see a huge range of different piping and we have a vast knowledge of what is what and how to connect to these different pipes. We make use of the brand shark bite mostly as this brand offers easy converters from many other brands over to their brand.

Using this piping makes the job we complete for you faster as we are able to carry most stock to cover most situations, so we won’t be having to run back and forth to the plumbing supplies store to buy different brand piping. It also saves our Plumber Somerville a fortune on tools as if we had to buy every brand of tool, we would most likely be in trouble.

Plumber Somerville Buteline to sharkbite

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