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We can fix your loose toilet seat once and for all | Orbit Plumbing

That loose toilet seat is so darn annoying. They have been a big problem for people across the globe causing back pain and i am sure there must be a huge amount of people who actually fall off the toilet at the worst time possible due to the seat being loose. Imagine coming home after a long drive and you have been holding on for too long. You run into the bathroom go to jump on the toilet and let go and you go sliding all the way to the floor. It’s not a pretty picture.

Fortunately Orbit Plumbing Frankston has had some extensive experience dealing with these toilet seats and we can come out and rectify the issue for you or you could give fixing it a crack for yourself. It is actually a lot more easier than you probably think and i’ll explain the process to you now.

Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers would only recommend trying this if you have a link suite toilet or a close couple toilet. Most back to wall toilets will require you to fully uninstall the toilet and reinstall it again. Doing that can easily cause your old toilet to flood the house if you install it without the proper know how. So just to confirm you will only want to attempt this if you can physically see the toilet bolts and you do not need to move the toilet itself in any way.

Orbit Plumbing’s, Plumber Mornington explains that you need to find the bottom of the bolts on the side behind the toilet and feel for the wingnuts holding the bolt together. If your seat has been a menace and has been getting looser over time than more than likely you require 2 washers that are non existent.

The first washer to put up against the bottom of the pan on the bolts is a rubber washer about 10mm – 15mm wide that will fit over the bolt. This is followed by a metal washer a similar size that separates the wingnut from the rubber washer. After putting these 2 washers on, tighten the toilet nice and firm although don’t over tighten it as this can crack the pan and damage your toilet.

If you are still having problems, it probably means there is more wrong than meets the eye and please feel free to give our Somerville Plumber a call and book in an appointment.

Plumber Mornington Toilet seat falling off

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