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We can hide your water meter in a pretty green box | Orbit Plumbing

It is common that our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers find that water meters have been buried under a mound of dirt and garden area. This can cause havoc when trying to get plumbing works done at your property. If our Mornington Plumber needed to turn the water off and we can not find the water meter we could spend unnecessary time trying to locate the water meter when we could be fixing your plumbing products.

If you do not know where your water meter is or if you do know where it is but you know that it is hardly visible there is a way to make it more easy to access and protect it from the elements. Orbit Plumbing Frankston can install a water meter surround or green and black box around the water meter.

Installing this protection can future proof your water meter and extend its chances of survival. If it does become buried , dirt and grime can find its way into the stop tap and damage the water meter making it extremely difficult if not impossible to isolate the water to your property.

Orbit’s Plumber Somerville explains that this means that if you have a flood happening in your house at the same time as a malfunctioning water meter, the damage could end up being much worse than what it could have been.

Plumber Somerville water meter inside irrigation box

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