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Are you in the process of requiring a new water meter? People can need water meters for many different reasons as our Frankston Plumber explains. You may have an existing home that has been on tank water since it was built and you are now moving to connect mains water supply. You may have live in a unit block with one main water meter and previously have all been splitting the water bill equally but have now decided to install separate water meters so that everyone pay’s for the water that they use.

Whatever the reason is our Plumbers Mornington Peninsula way can help you out. We can make the process easy on you and take all of the confusion away. We know the process well and can organize all of your south East Water and Mornington Peninsula Council permits to get the job done.

Our Plumber Somerville will arrive and dig down to the mains supply piping and also set up your water meter assembly. We will communicate with the south east water contractor who is completing the wet tapping and make sure that everything is done as fast as possible.

If you do not have a water supply pipe running to your property we can do that for you as well. We can either hand dig or bring the excavator and install the new water piping from the water meter underground to your house. If you previously had tank water we can re-organize the current set up to work the way you would most prefer.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula new water meter

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