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We can raise your water meter up out of the ground | Orbit Plumbing

The photo below is the work of our hard working plumber, Frankston was the location and the customer was about to do a garden remodel but when talking with his landscaper he realised a Mornington Peninsula plumbers services were required to move the water meter somewhere to fit in with the new design.

Now it should be noted that it is actually against regulations to relocate a water meter as they are the responsibility of South East water and they have strict guidelines preventing say a Mornington plumbing contractor from moving its location. However what we were able to do for this customer is add lengths of copper piping below the water meter making it higher above the ground and meaning the water meter and garden tap could sit neatly in line with their new raised garden beds.

Being experienced in many aspects of plumbing means our plumbers Somerville based can advise on many of the local and state requirements in regards to all things water and gas as well as the options you have when installing new plumbing products.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula water meter raised

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