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We do obligation free over the phone estimates rather than quoting | Orbit Plumbing

If you call Orbit Plumbing”s Somerville Plumber “Daniel” we are happy to help you with any plumbing problem that arises within our licence boundaries. We are happy to have a long conversation over the phone about your job and whats required to make sure we have all of the information required.

Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers do plumbing works everyday of the week so we have a good idea what to expect when someone calls us, so we don’t really need to come out to look at your job before commencing work although we are more than happy for you to have a chat to our Plumber Frankston way any time.

For example, our Mornington Plumber gets a lot of calls for a leaking toilet and we would have to say that 95% of leaking toilets would only take 30 minutes or less to rectify unless we decided on a new installation which should only take a maximum of about 1.5 hours most of the time if we have the toilet ready to go before arriving. All though we would determine if you required a new toilet or not by discussing over the phone what is happening and we are able to determine what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Another example is if you where to call our Mount Eliza Plumber to fix a leaking tap. Again we would ask you a series of questions and determine what needs to be done to rectify the problem. Taps also only will normally take up to 30  minutes to rectify the leak and also if you are planning on a new installation of a tap ware plumbing products, it still should only take about 30 minutes for most taps unless its something out of the ordinary.

There are some things that we will come out to do an estimate for you, for example our Tyabb Plumber receives a lot of phone calls for new installations of Septic systems. As septic systems are very large jobs that come at a big expense and require a lot of communication between Orbit Plumbing, the customer and the council we need to make sure that everything runs smoothly for you. Your first move in this situation is to give Orbit Plumbing a call and we can talk you through the process.

We understand that our customer’s want to know how much they are up for when they organize a plumber and we will give you an estimate over the phone to the best of our ability which is 99% of the time very accurate. It is difficult as a business who are mainly focused on maintenance plumbing to find time to visit a job and make a quote for something that will only take us an hour or 2 or even half an hour, so quoting is a waste of our resources and costs us a lot of money as running a plumbing business is very expensive.

We hope that you understand that we are honest people and will always do the right thing by the customer as we want you to be impressed by us and tell your friends that Orbit Plumbing is great. If you give us a go, we wont let you down! Call us today and we will get right to work.

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