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How inviting does the picture below look? Taken by our plumber Somerville was the location of this beauty. Frankston plumbers attended this job to rectify a small issue with the pump on this newly installed spa. We had it back up and running in no time and our Mornington Peninsula plumbing customers called later that afternoon to let us know that they had justĀ hopped out of their spa and it was back in perfect working order ad they couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes the plumbing products associated with a spa can be temperamental and as a spa is not really an appliance that is used all year round the parts can be more unacceptable to malfunction. Our Mornington plumber is fortunate enough to have a spa in his own home and his best advice to other spa owners is to regularly turn on the spa, clear any leaves and debris from the pump and pipes and wait til the water is the correct temperature to confirm its correct working order. If you are ever concerned you can always call Orbit Plumbing for some quality advice.

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