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Our Mornington Peninsula Plumber has seen some strange plumbing products and usually it does not end well. One of the best pieces of advice our Somerville Plumber can offer you is to never use fixtures that are imported and designed for another country. Usually if it looks completely different and like no one will ever have one the same it means that fixing it when the time comes or getting a Plumber Frankston to find spare parts for it may be bear impossible.

Some fixtures and appliances just can not be replaced or repaired. our Mornington Plumber has seen many instances where we have arrived at a job only to spend time trying to figure out how to rectify the issue, waiting for call backs from plumbing trade stores awaiting an answer and most of the time we find out that the product or parts do not exist in Australia.

Different countries have different standards of sizes for things. For example the standard size of the hole at the bottom of your toilet’s cistern where the outlet flush valve is mounted too is not the same all around the world. Also the tap set you can see in the photo below strangely was installed in in a home on the Mornington Peninsula although it does not seem to exist anywhere and the spindles are a completely different size to anything available in Australia.

The shower jets in the 2nd picture below are also non existent anymore and although may have seemed like a lovely luxury at the time the customer wanted it installed, it is now impossible to find replacement parts.

Plumber Mornington strange Tapware

Plumber Somerville Shower spray jet

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