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What is hard water and soft water | Orbit Plumbing

Have you ever heard someone mention they have hard or soft water? Allow Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Frankston who is the expert on these matters explain it to you.

Hard water has a high mineral content, this happens as the water flows through the ground through limestone, chalk and other minerals, the water collecting the minerals. Hard water tastes better then soft water, due to the minerals, it has been documented that it has health benefits. All of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers would like to drink this water all day long.

If you add soap to hard water, there will be a lack of suds.  Your dishes can have spots, your washing can look grimy and grey, of course this depends on the amount of minerals content in the water. Orbits Mornington Plumbers hair (and your too) can also look dull if washed with hard water.

Soft water is rain water without minerals and water with a small amount of minerals. This is also fresh and good for your body. You can use certain plumbing products to turn this rain water into drinking water by filtering it and having our talented Somerville Plumbers install a catchment tank for you and your family.

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