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What this summer might have in store for you | Orbit Plumbing

Our Mornington Peninsula plumbers are gearing up for a busy and exciting summer as we are sure you are too! Remember that our Somerville plumbers are always available to provide plumbing services throughout the festive season.

Our Plumber Frankston wanted to take a moment to alert our customers of some common plumbing issues that can occur over the summer season. One of the most common issues our Mornington plumbers are called out to is burst or cracked pipes. Bursts or cracks can sometimes occur in hotter weather as the sun can heat up pipes and can cause older and deteriorated pipes to split.

A good tip is to keep as many of your plumbing products out of direct sunlight. This is not always possible but things like your garden hose will last a lot longer if it is not constantly exposed to our Australian elements. Enjoy your summer and remember to call Orbit Plumbing for any of your plumbing related needs.



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