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What To Do About Leaking Gas | Orbit Plumbing

Firstly, if you have found this post on the internet because you can smell gas or you think you may have a gas leak, please go directly to your gas meter and turn the gas meter isolation valve into the off position.

Gas leaks can be deadly.Plumber Frankston Leaking Gas

Gas leaks can happen in many ways. Our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers can investigate any gas plumbing problems you may have, rectify them, and make your home safe to live in once again.

Recently, our Orbit Plumbing Frankston Plumber was called out to a property to find a suspected gas leak. We found three leaks coming from the one house. One leak was coming from the gas meter regulator, another leak was coming from a bad weld on the copper piping in the roof space and the final leak was coming from the ducted heater.

Another property in Mornington, our Plumber Mornington discovered another three gas leaks. The first leak was coming from a tee intersection in a gal pipe, the second leak was coming from the gas meter outlet pipe and the third leak was coming from behind a space heater in the customer lounge room.

Our Somerville Plumber frequently encounters gas leaks as well. Recently he was recently working in a customer’s house in Somerville and noticed the smell of gas coming from the kitchen. After some investigation it was found that the customer’s gas cook top was leaking.

In all three of these situations, thegas leaks were successfully rectified.Our customers can rest assured that Orbit Plumbing will do all of the appropriate testing to ensure  their safety and wellbeing.

If you would like an updated gas appliance, you can browse all of our products, including gas supplied products, on our new online store, Orbit Plumbing Products Online.

If you think you have a gas leak, please follow this procedure:

  1.  Turn your gas meter off
  2. Exit the premises and get some fresh air outdoors
  3. Call Orbit Plumbing to organise an emergency plumber to investigate and rectify the problem

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