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What To Do About Low Water Pressure | Orbit Plumbing

Our Somerville Plumber explains that water pressure is a tricky thing; it can be fantastic, and it can be terrible. Our Frankston Plumbers come across people all the time who are unhappy with their water pressure as they have just moved from an old house with great pressures and now they are experiencing very low pressure.

Our Mornington plumbing has recommendation. Install a water tank that is filled up with the low pressure water coming from the main, and then when you actually need the water to come out of your tap a high pressure pump switches on and boosts the pressure throughout the house. This means that when you start using the water out of the tank, it will begin filling with mains water again. Even though you will be using water at a higher rate than what the mains will allow for you, the tank should continue filling even when you are not using the water anymore.

The standard pressure at a house should sit at 500kpa, although some areas have incredibly low pressure down to 100kpa as far as I have seen and then other areas have enormous pressures around 1500kpa. It all just depends on the area and how the water is being pumped through the water mains.

We all love a shower with good hard pressure. Call Orbit Plumbing for a Plumber Mornington Peninsula today.

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Frankston Plumber What to do about Low Water Pressures

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