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Whirly Birds | Orbit Plumbing

Ever seen one of these strange round chimney like things sticking out of a roof? Maybe you have one on your own home. Our plumber Frankston resident and usually somewhat of an observant character, confessed that he had never even seen one of these plumbing products until he learnt about them in his training to become a licensed Mornington Peninsula plumbing professional!

All of the plumbers Somerville based company Orbit Plumbing employs, are now very well informed and educated on their function and purpose. They are commonly refereed to as “whirly birds” which doesn’t sound like a very technical name but our Mornington plumber reckons its easy to remember! The sole function of a whirly bird is to provide good ventilation into your homes roof space which is an effective measure to have in place to prevent against the risk of your roof structure becoming mouldy which could lead to rot and irreparable damage to the structure of your house frame. It also does a fantastic job of venting out the heat that can settle in your roof space on hot days.

Plumber Somerville whirly bird installed

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