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Why do pipes burst? | Orbit Plumbing

Being a Mornington Peninsula plumbing business we certainly know a thing or two about burst pipes! Our Mornington plumber says on average he fixes at least one burst pipe every single week. With statistics like that, burst pipes are obviously a big problem for a lot of people.

Our Somerville plumber explains that one common cause of burst pipes is sudden changes in weather, so imagine a few hot days in a row where your garden if you forget to water it will start looking thirsty and wilted.. The plumbing products underneath the surface of your lawn are sitting firmly in dense and hydrated soil but when the sun has dried out the soil the pipes are free to move around and this causes wear and tear and eventually as the pipes become older and are subjected to this movement a burst is likely to occur.

But it doesn’t need to spoil your day! Help is always on hand, we can arrange for an experienced Plumber Frankston situated to have your burst pipe rectified in no time! Call Orbit Plumbing on: 0447 007 178

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