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Why plumbing is a licensed trade | Orbit Plumbing

The Mornington Peninsula plumbers at Orbit Plumbing are experts in their field, plumbing Mornington customers know firsthand how well informed and educated are plumbers are.

Our Plumber Frankston realized he wanted to be a plumber when he was still in high school and embarked upon completing his plumbing apprenticeship as soon as he could. He recalls the course being a lot more difficult than he expected. Plumbers are educated on all aspects of plumbing and whether they decide to specialize in a particular, they are still expected to reach a high level of competence in every area.

Licensed plumbers not only learn about the ins and outs of plumbing products so they are adequately prepared to install, replace and repair them, they also learn about gas and correct procedures to comply with safety standards. When you call a plumber sometimes you are putting your family’s safety in their hands so you need to do your research and ensure they are properly qualified. You can view our Somerville plumber qualifications here and send us an enquiry here.

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