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Why you shouldn’t buy drain cleaning liquids | Orbit Plumbing

Why you shouldn’t buy drain cleaning liquids

Our Plumber Frankston gets many calls for blocked drains and the customers tell us they tried a commercial drain cleaning liquid but it didn’t fix the problem. Frankly we are not surprised!

We have all seen the ads for drain cleaners that promise to unblock your drains or other plumbing products in a flash. Just pour this liquid down your sink and your troubles will disappear.. Well were calling it! If a product can really abolish any foreign drain matter it comes into contact with then what is it doing to our environment? Or the plumbing in your home?

Our Somerville Plumber educates his customers on how dangerous and harmful these products can be when not used properly. They bottle may be left in reach of small children or animals who could be poisoned by ingesting or breathing in the fumes. Residue or spillage could accidentally remain in your kitchen or bathroom and ending up on your food or your toothbrush..

The best and most cost effective way to fix a blocked drain is to get in contact with a licensed plumber. Our Mornington Plumbing service is available all hours to help our customers in need. Our expert plumbers have the tools and the experience to fix the problem with minimal time, cost and inconvenience to you.

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